Gates and Fencing


Small design notes with different effects in simples lines, through applications in several shapes to the client's liking.

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Brushed aluminium sheet

CAS 101 Sliding Gate

Other Opening Types

CAS 201 Swinging Gate 1 Leaf
CAS 301 Swinging Gate 2 Leaves

Other Configurations

Any of these configurations can be manufactured in any of the opening types.

Brushed aluminium sheet

CAS 102 Sliding Gate

Brushed aluminium profile

CAS 103 Sliding Gate

Brushed aluminium sheet

CAS 104 Sliding Gate

Lacquered aluminium profile

CAS 105 Sliding Gate

Other Fencing

Brushed aluminium profile

CAS 502 Fencing

Template Options

  • Swinging Gate 1 Leaf
  • Swinging Gate 2 Leaves
  • Sliding gate
  • 100mm Slats
  • 200mm Slats
  • 300mm Slats
  • 200mm Slats with brushed aluminium strip
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Oblique
  • Straight
  • Curve
  • Inverted Curve
  • S Curve
  • Inverted S Curve
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