Aluminum Structures

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Bracurva has the capacity to execute structures of medium and small size. Specializing in aluminum welding and bending, it is capable of responding to requests for difficult to perform technical parts.

This is an area that requires, in addition to the expertise of the operator, specific equipment. This service arises to respond to clients, for example, with difficulties in making the union between the curvatures and the straight pieces.

With the dominance of welding and curvature of aluminum comes the ability to operate in the most diverse industries, considering both the unique pieces of design and the serial production for all type of industry, from food, hotel, furniture, electronics to the automobile. Today, aluminum welding presents a final quality identical to steel, thanks to the technology and knowledge available.

And because it does all kind of work, Bracurva's customers are also diversified: civil, aluminum and stainless steel locksmiths, aluminum frames companies, architectural offices, civil constructors, automotive, furniture, electrical and electronic industries, and even sculptors or designers.


  • aluminum structures
  • manufacturing by project
  • study and execution of prototypes
  • technical drawing
  • machining of aluminium profiles and tubes
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