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Bracurva, Lda - aluminum and stainless steel buckle

   Bracurva, Lda. was founded in 2009 by Mr. João Forte, based on previous experience of over ten years. It´s headquarters are in Nogueira - Braga, 

    Bracurva, Lda. has a highly qualified and dedicated exclusively to the curvature profiles and aluminum parts and stainless team, its main clients are civil and aluminum metalwork, carpentry joinery of the aluminios and stainless companies, architects architecture and engineering, contractors and homebuilders among many others.

    Operating throughout the country, continent and islands, Bracurva, Lda. Labora with all existing aluminum brands. 

    Bracurva, Lda. is a modernized enterprise, having computerized profiles bending machines. 

    Bracurva, Ltd. is dedicated to providing services in the area of curvature profiles, aluminum curves and welding aluminum and stainless steel.